National Safety Stand-down to Prevent Falls in Construction Will Be Held May 1-5, 2023

    The tenth annual National Safety Stand-down to Prevent Falls in Construction is slated for May 1-5, 2023. Falls from elevation are a leading cause of job-related deaths for construction workers. This event, conceived by OSHA, is designed to raise awareness for fall hazards and prevent fall injuries and fatalities.

    What Is a Safety Stand-down?

    A safety stand-down is an event that allows employers to pause work and speak directly with employees about safety. The National Stand-down to Prevent Falls in Construction offers a chance for businesses of all sizes to discuss fall hazards and emphasize the importance of fall prevention.

    How Do Businesses Conduct a Safety Stand-down?

    There is no one set way for employers to conduct a safety stand-down. In general, safety stand-downs allow employers and employees to take a break from their usual work duties and engage in toolbox talks or other safety activities. These activities could include safety equipment inspections; discussions of job-specific hazards, protective methods and safety policies; or fall rescue plans development.

    There isn’t a standard amount of time a safety stand-down must take. For example, businesses may conduct several hours of training over a week, or they could hold a 20-minute toolbox talk.

    Additionally, there is no need for employers to “register” to participate in the upcoming national safety stand-down. Once the safety stand down has been completed, employers may provide feedback to OSHA and download a certificate of participation from the OSHA or National Safety Council websites.

    What Resources Are Available for the Safety Stand-down?

    There are several fall prevention resources available to employees on OSHA’s resources webpage. Examples include posters, fact sheets, training guides, videos and audio messages. Various materials are available in both English and Spanish.

    Get Involved!

    Employers have a duty to keep their employees safe and protect them from falls. By participating in the National Safety Stand-down to Prevent Falls in Construction, employers can demonstrate their commitment to this responsibility and provide valuable information to their workers about fall hazards, fall prevention and other fall safety policies.

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