Homeowners Insurance

    Homeowners insurance seems pretty simple. However, every home is unique as is the homeowner and what’s important to you. As your largest asset, it’s important to understand your risks and what the right coverage is to protect you and your home from fire, natural disasters, theft, or other unexpected events. Here are some of the considerations that go into the right policy for you:

    • Location 
    • Age, size and construction of home
    • Contents of the home
    • Replacement cost
    • Heating system
    • Roof condition
    • Home-based business
    • Remodel history
    • Proximity to flood plains
    • Presence of a security system
    • Marital status
    • Pool or spa
    • Breed of dog
    • Deductible amount
    • Home liability limits
    • Insurance score
    • Credit history
    • Claims history

    Every person’s home insurance needs are different and a Campbell advisor will help you determine the best coverage for you. We’re here to listen, shop the market and provide you with options on coverage, pricing and discounts for security systems and the like. If you purchase both home and auto insurance through us, you may be eligible for additional discounts. Contact Campbell to get started. 

    You have other properties to protect

    Don’t forget other properties you own or rent. We offer special coverage and can bundle policies for more attractive rates. 

    • Vacation homes
    • Rental property
    • Farm property
    • Undeveloped land
    • Apartments (for a college-age child for example)

    Insuring your home and other real estate properties can be confusing, especially with all of the Internet offers that emphasize price rather than what’s covered. All the more reason to live life protected with Campbell.