Additional Coverage

    Because there’s more to life to protect

    You’ve purchased insurance to protect your home, car or truck and you’re good, right? Not so fast. There is additional coverage to consider based on your lifestyle and other personal property. For example, you may have a swimming pool that could put you at financial risk in the event of an accident. Or, you may own a valuable collection that would be safer if insured separately. Here are examples of property to cover:

    • Art and antiques
    • Coin and stamp collections
    • Guns
    • Jewelry
    • Pets and horses
    • Costly home or property upgrades

    You may also want to consider a personal umbrella policy to protect you from accidents to others that may occur when visiting your home or property. This is when it helps to talk with a Campbell advisor. We understand how best to protect you and your personal property. Once we talk with you, we’ll put together recommendations along with pricing, for your consideration. 

    Insuring personal property can be confusing and sometimes put you in financial peril if you’re caught without it. Let’s have a conversation so you can live life protected.