Employee Benefits

    The best plans help attract and retain the best people

    Competition for qualified people will always be high. The right employee benefits plan will help you attract and retain the best people. But what exactly is the “best plan?” That’s where Campbell Insurance comes in. We listen to your needs and then offer sound advice and solutions attractive to employees and help you control overall costs.

    Our solutions can include:

    • Group Life, Dental, Vision
    • Group Long-Term Care
    • Group Long & Short-Term Disability
    • Group Medical
    • Level-Funded Medical & Dental
    • Self-Funded Medical & Dental
    • Voluntary Life, Dental, Disability
    • Prescription Drugs

    No Cookie Cutter plans from Campbell

    Instead, we tailor multi-option plans to fit your company and the demographics within your team. The result? Employees enjoy more choice and flexibility, while you enjoy better employee retention. Consider the following:

    • Fully insured, partially self-funded financing mechanisms
    • Integrated plan components for optimal benefits and efficiency
    • Expertise in the application of integral risk management and cost containment strategies
    • High satisfaction for employers and employees

    Confidence your employee benefits are the best they can be. That’s what makes Campbell the only benefit advisor you’ll ever need.