Campbell Connection

    Your Personalized, Resource-rich Digital Library

    Campbell Connection is a timesaving resources that adds to your knowledge base, helps you tackle pressing work assignments and network with more than 200,000 peers in your industry across the United States. Here’s what you will discover:

    • News Feed: View a steady stream of the latest resource offers that are easily searchable to find what you need, when you need it. Save your favorites so you can quickly find them again. Mark preferences so that you always receive the information and resources that matter most to you.
    • Healthcare Reform: Access valuable healthcare reform resources, including legislative updates. Educational material for your employees is also included.
    • Survey Benchmarking: Determine how your benefits plan compares to other employers across the country.
    • Community: Share information and resources via our peer forum. You can ask questions, offer insight, and share best practices with others in your industry.
    • Compliance: Get exclusive access to comprehensive guides on federal legislation regarding COBRA, HIPAA, Section 125, Healthcare Reform, and FMLA.
    • Resource Library: Access a vast library of downloadable articles on topics such as benefits, human resources, wellness, and employee communications.
    • Health and Wellness Newsletters: Find consumer-directed health information in ready-to-print newsletters to assist employees making informed decisions on personal health and wellness.
    • Resource Links: Find links to a range of vital industry-related websites.
    • Contact Us: Contact Campbell Insurance team members directly through Campbell Connection.

    Additional Resources:

    Campbell Connection OSHAYour OSHA Compliance Resource. We’ve gathered the occupational safety resources you need into one easily accessible spot, with functionality and content designed to help you efficiently meet OSHA reporting needs.

    Campbell Connection Property & CasualtyYour own Risk Management Center. Whether you’re looking for fliers to support your employee safety programs or searching for workers’ comp information, you’ll find useful content to streamline and enhance your safety and loss control efforts.

    Campbell Connection Employee BenefitsYour electronic Human Resource Assistant. Whether you’re looking for legislative information, employee communications, industry-related web sites, or health and wellness information, you’ll find it in one easy, convenient location.

    To learn more or sign-up for Campbell Connection, contact us. If you’re already signed up for Campbell Connection, click here.